Didi and Co. catering

  Didi & Co is a small creative catering company that makes parties sparkle.  We excel in plant-based food, local whenever possible.  We work with herbs like anise hyssop, apple mint, or African basil flowers.
We buy our meat from small local farmers.  Our aim, besides making a delicious food, is to work towards a thriving planet 300 years from now. Didi & Co. is a social enterprise.  In addition to preparing great food, we train and employ graduates of Haley House Bakery Cafe and Ne-Cat, a tuition free culinary school in Roxbury.  We are fully insured. 

Didi & Co. caters dinner parties, corporate events, fundraisers, Easter egg hunts, block parties, homecomings, memorials, or any reason to meet and eat.  We work with your wallet and personality.

Postscript: Didi LOVES cooking with kids.  She teaches pizza, knife skills, omelets, cake baking and more.
Its full on participation. Then full-on eating.

This menu is not all we make, there is much more in our repertoire - if there is something else you desire, ask to see if we can accommodate you or if we have other recipes in our ‘larder.’  Special diets easily accommodated.Our catering business is full-service.  We have a $300 minimum for drop-off catering.  Drop-offs under $500 will require a delivery fee and deliveries that are further than 15 miles away will require a higher delivery fee.  The fee within 15 miles is $40..Kids under 13 are 50%off.  Kids under 8 are free.

Our Mission: to invest in diverse staffing and strive for economic equality by providing a living wage to our staff. For parties under$400 there is a $25 per hour commercial kitchen fee for kitchen rental.  New parties require a 50% deposit by check.  Prices do not reflect a 15%gratuity and tax.

“V” = vegan - which means the dish has no dairy nor any ingredient derived from animals.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish,or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.  Before placing your order,please inform Didi if a person in your party has a food allergy.  Thank you.

Food items are priced for 50 people or more.  A smaller party neccessitates incremental increases because labor will be higher per person.  

Here is the chart: 

40-50 pp add 15%, 30-40 pp add 20%20-30 pp add 25%, 15-20 pp add 30%For dinner parties under 15 people
Didi charges a flat feeof $60 an hour and $25 an hour for a sous-chef/waiter if needed.

A NOTE ON APPETIZERS 1 app means 2 “bites” or two hors d’oueuvres each -  you may want to order less than the party total if you are offering many appetizers.

ALL PARTIES (that aren’t deliveries) WILL BE CHARGED A 18%GRATUITY FEE that is passed down to the staff. Estimated number can be updated up to 5 days before event.  but a minimum should be in contract from start.

 Reviews coming soon

FullBar (Estimated Cost) $14 to $22 per person
Beer and Wine (Estimated Cost) $8 to $18 per person
Liquor Liability $1.50 per personEventManager - $50 per hourChef- $40 per hourWaitPerson - $30 per hourBartender- $30 per hourKitchenAssistant - $30 per hourifyou hire Chef Didi for a private dinner, the fee is $60 per hourRoughEstimates:Cocktail Party-One Hour - $16 to $24 per person
Cocktail Party - Two Hours - $24 to $48 per personBuffet Dinner - $35 to $50 perperson
Sit Down Dinner (Three Courses)